Halo – Favourite Software

This is Halo. One of my most popular photos on Flickr.

Halo, Yorkshire Wildlife Park, South Yorkshire, England. © 2014 Ainslie.

I was thinking about processing software and what I have settled into for my work. I have Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CC but hardly use them. I also have Google’s Picasa and don’t use that much either. My favourite software for processing is Snapseed. Now sadly removed for sale from the Nik website following its purchase by Google.

I still persevere with Snapseed as I absolutely love it for simple tweaks and enhancements even if there aren’t likely to be any updates in the future. I feel rather annoyed at Google for removing it and changing it into a web editor as I paid for it and I didn’t expect it to be killed off so easily.  Of course it’s still available on Android and Apple iOS but hardly as great to use as it was on the desktop. Google aren’t always great – sometimes they’re evil.

So what processing software do use and prefer?

7 thoughts on “Halo – Favourite Software

  1. I tried to find any old copy of Snapseed a while back and nothing, not at all. Really a shame, I think, so I’m sticking with Photoscape for now.

    1. I find it very good. There are copies out there you can download but can’t purchase any more so the best you get is a time limited demo.

      I guess the best tool is the one you are used to .

  2. I’ve disowned Google. I used to be a huge Google fan, but I — too — find them to be more and more evil. I ranted all about it at the following link, just before I jumped to WordPress last year: http://exploratorius.us/2013/04/20/all-tied-up-in-knots/

    As far as software is concerned, I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I gave up on Picasa long ago, especially after discovering that Google was beaming back a stream of data to the mothership anytime I had the Picasa app open on my laptop.

    Very nice image, by the way. Beautiful tones.

    1. Thanks for the insight Mitch. Good post. I started to have doubts about Google way back when they started to penalise text ads that were not their own. Seriously couldn’t understand why everyone just fell for it and fell into line with Google when they were just killing off advertising competitors. Me and WordPress go way back too. I used to design and make themes but lost the interest now. They’ve not always been so wonderful and angelic in the past either but those days seem to be over now 🙂

      1. Haha. It seems all companies have their good and bad sides; too bad Google had the arrogance to make “Don’t Be Evil” into their informal company motto.

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