The Lion Queen

The Lion Queen.
This is one of the beautiful lioness’s at our local wildlife park. © 2014 Janice.

Taken at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, our local fantastic wildlife conservation park.

Originally there were 13 lions rescued from Oredea Zoo in Romania. Johnny senior died a couple of years ago, then Cezar died in January, finally Johnny Junior got injured in a fight two days ago and had to be put to sleep.

But the last few years they have had great lives, well looked after and loads of space to run.

4 thoughts on “The Lion Queen

  1. It’s sad that the lions fight like this but I guess that nature’s tough. Poor Johnny Junior – He’d already had a rough deal in life. He’ll be a sad loss at YWP.

    1. Its a shame but this is natures way, at least his last few years were better, lots of room to run and sleep!!

  2. My first thought the other day was surprise they don’t keep then males separated, so they don’t fight. Of course, I’m assuming he was fighting with a male, and that’s not necessarily true.

    1. They keep them in three prides in separate areas, all quite large with shelter, the lake in the middle separates them. He was in a pride with four females, one of which is this one above, and apparently they got into a fight, Johnny’s injuries were so bad they had to put him to sleep. The announcement left you to think that they had mauled him to death!! Apparently in the wild the females kill the old, injured males that have no further use to them!! Not sure if that’s what’s happened here but he was very battle scarred and didn’t seem the fittest!

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