Queen of all she surveys.

Queen of all she surveys
This is Frida one of the lionesses from Yorkshire Wildlife Park. © 2014 Janice

I love the big cats at the wildlife park and this is one of the first shots i took with my 70-300mm sigma lens. I am most impressed with the quality of the lens, not the most expensive but surprisingly good on a budget.

4 thoughts on “Queen of all she surveys.

  1. Janice, I think it’s as good as any $600 camera manufacturer’s lens, at least. I need to sell my EF-S 55-250 lens. I need a tele-zoom for my full frame and SL1, both.

    1. Have you decided which one to go for? It was all about cost for me, but I have to say I’m not disappointed! I hope you manage to sell your other one before too long 🙂

      1. Janice, haven’t decided yet, but I know I want image stabilization, so that puts me around $400 for either Sigma or Tamron. I find if I’m even a bit tired, it helps a great deal. I’d best get to work on selling a few things. 🙂

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