Would you????

Would You???
Too close for me!! © 2014 Janice

I love these little guys at our local wildlife park, you walk through their enclosure while they run around you, avoid you, try to pinch things from you and they are great fun. But this woman with the camera on a stick was a bit reckless.The keeper told her 3 or 4 times to move the camera away from the Lemurs but i guess she thought she knew better!!

Fortunately for her and the Lemurs after a couple of minutes they got fed up and decided to play tag.
A great photographic opportunity for me but a bit idiotic ,in my opinion!

I do like the fact that it looks like he is teaching her how to use it lol 🙂

2 thoughts on “Would you????

  1. What a perfectly timed shot, Janice. It almost looks like the little guy is approaching someone to snap a photo of him and a friend–especially with the title. And maybe that’s what you were intimating. It’s wonderfully playful.

    1. Thank you Shelley, I love these little guys they have a big enclosure with loads of freedom and you walk round with them. Couldn’t quite believe the woman stuck such an expensive camera so close to them! Lovable as they are they pinch and take apart anything 🙂

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