Trailer trash

I’m sat here and X Factor is on the TV so I reached over for my tablet and decided to write something instead. Wouldn’t you?

These images are from the area close to my second home. Summer home actually as we have a caravan close to the English East Coast. We’ve closed it up for the winter now and won’t be back until March next year. It’s sad to think that the winter is coming but theres something to look forward to so there’s a glimmer of brightness in the gloomy winter.




2 thoughts on “Trailer trash

  1. Well, firstly, what lovely colors and inviting scenes. I can see why this place calls to you. I would be hankering for it all winter long too.
    Secondly, I never realized that this was a shared blog! Whoops! So many times I’ve commented on photos where I might have been attributing kudos to the wrong person. My apologies if that’s happened.
    Regardless, I find pure delight in your web site–and strictly for my benefit, I’m hoping X Factor might show up more often on telly so that you’ll post more of your art!

    1. Thank you. Yes there are two of us. Partners for, oh so many years. There is me – the loyal hubby and Janice the equally loyal wife. Yes happiness in marriage does actually occur. sometimes. We equally enjoy caravan time, trash or not. 🙂

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